A Bluetooth® webcam is an electronic gadget that connects to a computer wirelessly, via Bluetooth®. 

Webcams often connect to a computer via a USB port, but this type of webcam only needs to be charged via a USB port and is therefore portable. Of course, each model can be different, but a Bluetooth® webcam may only need to be within 30 feet (about 9 meters) of a computer to transmit video.

Of course, your computer will also need to have Bluetooth® functionality. You could choose to use a Bluetooth® webcam to be more comfortable when talking on a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call, or simply to allow for greater portability and ease of use. In addition, this type of webcam can also be used for a security camera that can be accessed remotely.

Even a Bluetooth® webcam could have some downsides. Since it is wireless, the framerate is likely to be lower than a traditional wired or integrated webcam, which can make the video appear slightly jittery. The framerate is often referred to as frames per second or fps. Resolution and sound quality may also be slightly lower. For many people, particularly those who use this type of webcam simply for conversations with friends, family or co-workers, lower video quality may not be an issue. But for those who use a webcam to shoot video, it could be a problem.

Also, a Bluetooth® webcam is generally much more expensive than a regular webcam, and there are far fewer options available. Battery life is typically a few hours, and the webcam may be a little heavy on your computer’s system resources. As this is a relatively new product, this type of webcam will likely continue to change and improve as consumers offer feedback to manufacturers.

A Bluetooth® webcam can be found in stores or online and can be used with a Bluetooth® compatible desktop or laptop computer. You will likely need to install additional software or drivers to use the webcam with VoIP software, edit any recorded video, or save it for later use. Before buying a Bluetooth® webcam, it might be a good idea to read online reviews to determine how a particular camera works and whether other consumers are happy with their purchases.

Miki Dutta
Author: Miki Dutta

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