As a cross between an instant messenger and a social media platform, the Snapchat app is the youngest competitor of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. But compared to the platforms just mentioned, Snapchat caters to an even younger target, predominantly made up of teenagers and young adults. However, Snapchat is suitable for communication between friends and acquaintances, but it is also interesting for promotional purposes for companies and freelancers; especially if your target audience is relatively young.

Snapchat is increasingly being used as a marketing channel especially for those interested in advertising in English. But also in Italy, companies and bloggers are discovering the promotional possibilities offered by this app day after day.

In order for your Snapchat marketing campaigns to have the desired effect, whether it’s advertising a product, a brand, or just self -promotion , your account needs to be followed by a certain one. Number of person.

In this article, we show you how to get more followers on Snapchat and what are the benefits associated with it.

Greater range of action on Snapchat: tips and indispensable conditions

Snapchat is a social network where individual users connect to each other. As on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook , even on Snapchat the range of action of a profile depends mostly on followers ; or the number of “friends” you have in the app and who therefore follow your channel.

About 166 million people worldwide use the platform.

Like virtually any other social network, the content you post on Snapchat is primarily aimed at your followers. In fact, the social network, accessible only through the app, experiences interactions between individual users. On Snapchat , followers are therefore of the essence . Therefore, if you want to promote your products or services on Snapchat, having a sufficiently large reach is therefore of crucial importance.

What is it that brings a lot of followers to Snapchat?

The equation is as easy as it is logical: the more people follow your channel, the more attention it will receive . Furthermore, the more followers your account has, the greater the chances that your channel will be recommended to new users and that you will be able to attract interest from new followers. In the best case, a large number of followers develops a dynamic of its own and grows more and more in the style of pyramid marketing .

Arming yourself with creativity and following the rules of the game, it is therefore also possible to achieve a certain fame thanks to Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat is a great opportunity for influencers , who are used by companies to obtain an expansion of their brand among new groups of potential customers.

In any case, the Italian market on Snapchat is slower than in other countries, and the accounts of already famous brands and personalities are also and above all to obtain the best results . For example, the world of football has seen fit to ride the wave right from the start, teams like Juve or Roma are very active, with the world of two wheels following in the wake (with for example the Sky Racing Team VR46). But many possible examples could be made of the most disparate, in the world of music, fashion, cinema, and so on.

Followers of commercial brands’ Snapchat channels are basically interested in the content they promote. Although followers can also send messages to the channel of that brand (and this possibility of feedback from users is of great importance, since it allows you to better understand what the wishes of the target group are), the equal exchange between users and brand is not exactly the focal point. Much more relevant is the predominantly one-sided communication, through which companies provide content to their followers. This type of communication is clearly distinct from the interactions that take place on Snapchat between individuals, who know each other privately and who wish to exchange messages, images, stories and so on through the app.

The formation of a following is clearly relevant, but only provided that the users who are part of it view and appreciate the contents of your account from time to time . In fact, as soon as users lose the interest they have in your channel and therefore begin to ignore your content, the size of your following on Snapchat will be completely insignificant: since in this case the contents of your channel are barely received. , and most of the effort spent on creating a contribution will not pay off. The channels that no longer interest you will sooner or later lead users to leave the list of your “friends”.

To ensure that your followers willingly follow your account and that your numbers do not drop (but rather grow), the content of your Snapchat channel must be engaging for the group you target .

Angelo Raguso
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