About 20 million dollars in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been donated in support of Ukraine, in recent days devastated by the Russian invasion, since Monday morning: in fact, a crowdfunding broadcast on the government’s social channels, has allowed the Ukrainian government to collect a part of the funds necessary to continue the strenuous defense against the Russian advance. At first it was thought about a hack of the profile, but later there were several official confirmations that definitively clarified that the profile was not hacked, and that it was therefore actually the property of the Ukrainian government. At this moment, for example, more than 163 BTC have already been received, for a total value of over 7 million, but in a dramatic increase. The same fate also applies to the other portfolio issued by the Ukrainian government, which has come to contain over 2,000 ETH, for a value of more than 5 million dollars, and more than one million USDT, a stable cryptocurrency anchored to the value of the dollar. At the moment almost all cryptocurrencies have been withdrawn by the Ukrainian government to support war expenses, but it should also be remembered that the first news of Ukraine’s approach to the world of Bitcoin and the blockchain already in 2021.

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Omar Choudhury
Author: Omar Choudhury

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