“Mapping the NFT Revolution” di Mauro Martino, la prima mostra immersiva dedicata al fenomeno degli NFT e all’estetica del metaverso dal 7 al 28 settembre 2022 al MEET Digital Culture Center.

Philip abussi

The work was created in collaboration with Philip Abussi (sound artist and co-founder of Mokamusic), Luca Stornaiuolo (generative Ai) and Andrea Baronchelli (scientific coordination).

By means of an immersive full-screen video installation created using advanced deep-learning and visual design techniques, Martino tells about 5 years of evolution of the aesthetics and of the NFT market, allowing the user to experience the qualitative dimension of an intangible revolution, destined to influence the playful and productive fabric of human communities.

philip abussi


For the realization of this work, over 10 million NFT images, tens of millions of trades in the market and hundreds of blockchains were analyzed. The final result is precisely a data-film, a new, exciting aesthetic form, a hybrid result of data and artificial intelligence models, a true New World of this millennium, aimed at the realization of a great change in which art, science and technology become one.

philip abussi

“I have always thought that experimentation should be one of the highest aspirations of every artist, perhaps because it is the only real way to be able to yearn for the creation of something truly new”, explains Abussi, who has always had a great interest in new forms of language, especially if applied to the fields of multisensory, immersive and technological innovations.

“Together with the artist Mauro Martino we decided to explore and experiment, telling you a modern story through innovative languages”.

philip abussi

The sound artist was inspired by the beautiful images created by the algorithms for the development and design of the compositional structure, starting from the concepts of minimalism and abstraction and using the musical and sound element, together with the images, as the only tools for the fruition of the story. .

A precise sound research was carried out, interpreting, breaking down, and re-composing the universe described by Mauro Martino. “The biggest challenge is always to provide the viewer, through the sense of hearing, with additional information and elements in addition to visual ones, so that he can have a more complete perception as a whole and a richer enjoyment.” Continues Abussi. In the last chapter of the immersive experience, music becomes a source of inspiration for artificial intelligence, stimulating its algorithmic reactions and helping to give life to the final visual work. Here human art, expressed in notes, inspires the art generated by AI while creating a real dialogue with it. “You have never seen an NFT world like this, effervescent… lively and constantly evolving! A world that produces and will produce important changes in the cultural and economic world. ” – declares Maria Grazia Mattei, Founder and President of MEET. The exhibition will run until 28 September 2022

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