So let’s move on to the main tips that I want you to keep in mind, not only because they are based on my personal experience but also because too many young and aspiring DJs and PRODUCERS fall into these traps, you have to be careful and create a solid foundation already at the beginning of the your career if you want to produce Techno music adequately.

  • The first tip is to stay away from tutorials and videos or apps that you can find for free on the web. First of all because they have no actual knowledge to transmit as they are clips from a few minutes and on. Secondly, because they contain absolutely no substance that can help you learn, for example, the structure of a track or its drafting . The third reason but not least is that these video tutorials created by multiple users do not follow any logical thread and are confusing to say the least. In fact, my opinion is to take a look at it only after being an expert on the subject and evaluating the content of these videos with more careful eyes. If you want to know how to make Techno music , then you are completely wrong approach.
  • The second piece of advice is not to go through paid video courses which, however, are anything but real courses. It seems trivial and stupid to say but it is so, you have to be careful of the scams that are ONLINE. Above all, keep an eye open to those courses that mainly have hundreds and hundreds of videos of one hour each. Why this? Well simply because they leave a lot of futile information for the user to become an expert DJ and PRODUCER, theoretical concepts useful up to a point. Also because this material is an art, and art must be studied by applying concepts and not simply studying them. Don’t even rely heavily on manuals that contain a lot of distracting and boring stuff, stuff you learn just by trying it and trying it again. Remember that practice in electronic music that’s all, the theory is useful but not too much and it also depends on how you set it up. Another important fact, never judge a book by the cover and the number of pages if it is substantial, also because you can get lost in numerous jams and you would not even finish reading everything.
  • The third tip is to pay attention to the online courses that stimulate you to buy very expensive and high-level stuff, certainly intriguing and wonderful stuff but which in reality is absolutely useless for a novice who still has to learn to play with a simple DAW. . Obviously these are market strategies that they adopt to earn through affiliate contracts with the manufacturers. Shameful. All you need to produce Techno music, create all EDM genres is essentially a good PC that can support the right software, a pair of headphones and the desire to learn, that’s all. I guarantee you that I made the mistake of spending large sums on sophisticated equipment that in the end I didn’t even know how to use! If I could go back I would never do it again for the world. So yes,hardware equipment and tools such as MIDI keyboards, microphones or external plugins but don’t overdo it if you are just starting your learning. First of all know that to get to produce Techno music at the beginning, absolutely no very high budget is needed to spend on such sophisticated and advanced instruments. Then if you want to improve in quality and performance, once you have had a lot of experience, that’s another thing.
Omar Choudhury
Author: Omar Choudhury


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