When it comes to a new single , the idea of ​​a global hit that reaches millions of views on the day of its release is often evoked. This is usually thanks to a spectacular and very expensive marketing campaign. However, the stars aren’t the only ones releasing singles. It’s a crucial step in promoting any music project, and it shouldn’t be overlooked . There are more and more tools available that allow you to effectively promote your music. 

1. Choose the perfect song for your single

The correct choice of an individual is essential for an effective communication strategy around his release. It has to resonate with your musical project and be a great example of it. Preferably choose a song that is tuned for the radio  and has the potential to appeal to the general public. Keep in mind: the optimal listening time, a catchy refrain that sticks in your head, etc. The single is the showcase of your overall project and must be as “smooth” as possible. It has to give a first taste of your universe and your music to the listener without revealing too much.

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On the other hand, it is also possible to take the opposite approach and propose a very specific piece.   While this is likely to be a less popular song and a more risky approach, it is a strategy that shows courage. Your hardcore fans will surely be grateful to you.

2. Plan your single release to perfection

It is essential to plan ahead to have a clear view of the marketing strategy. Everything must be foreseen and prepared in advance so as not to have to announce date changes, delays, etc. This could greatly damage your individual’s reputation. Also be sure to anticipate events that could ruin the visibility of your music release (sporting events, elections, for example).

While it may be tempting to want to release your single as soon as you’ve finished it, it’s not always (or even rarely) the best strategy. There is no point in rushing to release your single: it is better to wait until you have prepared an effective marketing and promotion strategy. The visibility of your song will be even better and your efforts will be even better rewarded when you see the number of listeners on streaming platforms multiply.

3. Set up a pre-order system

Having your campaign planned gives you an advantage: since everything is planned, you have the time to offer your single for pre-order = pre-save, on Spotify or iTunes for example . Your fans can then be sure to get it on the day of its release. For a single, the price is often € 1.29, but you are of course free to fix it however you like.

4. Encourage the purchase of the single on your social networks

Social networks allow you to be very creative and have become much more sophisticated in recent years. They allow artists to sell their music more easily. You can install buttons that redirect users to your website where they can purchase your single.

You need to target all your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to purchase your music. For example, Instagram Stories are a good way to redirect your fans to your single – you can send them directly to your site when they click on one of your photos / videos.

5. Attach a music video with your new single

Offering a video clip of your single is a real bonus when you have the means. It helps to enrich the universe that is created around your song and will allow it to spread much more, since on many social networks, the video format is rewarded by the algorithm.

Video allows the listener to immerse themselves a little more into the universe of your music project and it is also a sure proof of quality and shows that you deliver coherent work, which goes beyond the music.

Use a video along with your single

6. Adopt a “suspense” strategy

To create suspense, announcing the release date of your single a few weeks in advance is a great solution, as long as you stay active until day X. You can start a countdown on your social networks that will keep your fans with. breathlessness : at least one piece of content a day that reminds them of the song’s release date and the number of days left. The photos of the video footage, for example, often please future listeners and slowly begin to immerse them in the universe of the song. Be creative to offer them new content too!

You can also reveal some audio or video clips of the single at strategic moments (choose the date and time carefully: you can analyze the habits of your fans using the data analysis tools available on most social networks).

You need to make sure your fans want to stay connected with you until your music project comes out. The better you manage to pique interest in your single, the more successful it will be on the day of its release on streaming platforms.

7. Encourage public interaction

It is very important, to maintain the interaction with your audience and to make the most of the passion your fans have for your music. For example, promise to reveal a song, clip, or any other content that you think is relevant. You may unveil a piece of content after reaching a certain number of likes on your page, clip, or posting shares. This “give and take” system will greatly increase the “buzz” around your single on social media and the expectation of your fans will multiply. The community of fans you have taken the time to collect can be very useful!

8. Contact specialized media and radio stations

Contact media, blogs, radio, etc. is another essential step to increase your visibility when posting your single online and to get reviews, shares, etc. which can significantly increase the visibility of your song. Getting reviews and comments from music industry professionals about your music is also a great way to get your music known. Try your luck with the media you like!

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