Are you looking for effective methods and strategies to increase TikTok followers ? You may have landed in the right place, but I want to tell you right away that it won’t be easy . I invite you to read this guide carefully and to apply all the suggestions to the letter in order to obtain concrete results in the short and long term.After writing the most read guide in Italy in which I divulged the best strategies to increase followers on Instagram , this time I decided to try my hand at an in-depth study of TikTok which in the last year has had an exponential growth (we are talking about millions and millions of users in a few months) and therefore worthy of interest.To date, the TikTok app has been downloaded over 6 billion times from the App Store and Play Store, as confirmed by Sensortower data , and the number of active users per day exceeds 700 million worldwide as reported by TikTok itself.

I’ll get there right away.

Thanks to a specific study by Comscore , we know that TikTok has also experienced exponential growth in Italy with over 7 million unique users . It turns out to be the social network with the highest growth rate in the last year, so I couldn’t ignore it.In addition to all this, what surprised me most is the significant increase in the age of the users who populate it, which has brought a tsunami of much more interesting content than in the past.Basically, if before TikTok was populated only by videos of girls dancing, now there is much more variety and the level of content is certainly higher.

  • But now enough with the numbers, let’s think about the substance.How can we increase the visibility of our TikTok profile and increase followers?
  • That’s why you were here, right?

Make yourself comfortable, now we will get to the heart of the guide.

How to increase followers on TikTok

If you want to become popular on TikTok, as well as in other social networks, you must first of all be aware that you will have to dedicate time to it and do it constantly (every single day). Yes, there is no magic wand trick here. What I am going to explain is how to make the most of your time spent on TikTok to get the maximum popularity advantage. Remember that no one can promise you results without you doing anything. I want to make this point clear, so don’t be surprised if you read such phrases in the next few paragraphs as well.

Set up your profile well

The first thing to do is to correctly configure your profile and complete every single piece of information that TikTok allows us to display.Don’t stand there and watch, open the TikTok app and go to the ” Me ” section and click on ” Edit Profile “.

Fill in all the fields present:

  • First name
  • Profile image / video
  • Biography
  • Website
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

If you don’t have a website, I suggest you create a dedicated page with , which allows you to create a page in a few minutes and have the link to publish.

Nicolas Corsaro
Author: Nicolas Corsaro

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