If you are wondering how to create a free podcast on your site and maybe make it available on other platforms as well, I’ll explain it to you in this article.The first elements needed to create a (successful!) Podcast are:

  • a specific topic that concerns, of course, your business, your blog, what you talk about online
  • a nice precise planning (read: an  editorial plan  exactly like the one you use for your blog and social networks)
  • duration of recordings: set a fixed number of minutes for each episode
  • defined appointments, always at the same time ( create habit in the listener )

Once you have decided on the topics, how much and when, let’s see together how to create a podcast.

The tools to create a podcast

You can safely use your smartphone to register, but for a slightly more professional result,  here’s a list  of the best podcast microphones.

There are several programs that help you record, let’s see some of them together.

How to create a free podcast?

This is good news! Here is a series of programs that help you record at no cost.

  • if you have a Mac, you have certainly already installed the  Garage Band program  that is generally used for creating music. You can also make podcasts, simply by selecting the New project and then Voice. Check that, under Recordings settings, and then under Input, the program sees the microphone you have chosen. Before clicking on  Record , make sure you have set the keys under Voice and then Library.
  • Audacity  is a free program that you can use on both Mac and Windows. Just download it  from the site , install it and then start it. It is very simple and intuitive, you just have to make sure that the program recognizes your microphone, then adjust the tone and click on  Record .
  • Other programs to create free podcasts are AVS Audio Editor and Free Audio Editor.

How to publish a free podcast

Once you’ve registered your podcast, you need to make it available to the right world? Maybe you would like to upload your podcast to your website, in a dedicated section. But how to do it? First I recommend that you upload your podcast to a platform like SoundCloud. The  free plan  allows you to have 3 hours of track without paying a single penny. You can then upgrade to the unlimited plan for the modest sum of € 8.25 / month.

Once your files have been uploaded, you can simply get the  Embedded code  of your audio directly on SoundCloud or use a plugin like  SoundCloud Ultimate plugin  to insert them on your site / blogWordPress.

How to distribute a podcast in a professional way

Do you want to get the most professional effect possible? Not a beginner and consider this podcast as a good investment in your business? You have all my support, so here are some plans that will allow you to customize your podcast’s RSS feed and work like a pro.

You can register on  Spreaker , a platform that allows you to create your own podcasts by downloading Spreaker Studio on your computer, so far all for free… Then Spreaker also assists you from the point of view of the distribution and monetization of your podcast. It comes with a free plan with limitations, but below we see some upgrade plans that allow you to also import your podcast via the RSS feed.

  • On Air Talent: it is the plan at € 7.00 per month with which you can record podcasts of up to 45 minutes, a storage space of 100 hours per month, and then allows you to customize the RSS feed. If you are super confident, there is the same plan for € 5.50 with annual billing.
  • Broadcaster: it is the plan at € 20.00 per month with which you can record podcasts of up to 3 hours, a storage space of 500 hours per month, and then allows you to customize the RSS feed and monitor the statistics of your podcast. If you are super sure, there is the same plan for € 18.00 with annual billing.

Subsequent floors go up in cost and space, of course.

How to publish a podcast from your site to Spotify or iTunes

You need an RSS feed, as we already mentioned when talking about Spreaker, but don’t worry! Once you have published the podcast on your site, copy the URL and add to the queue  / feed .

Then go to  Feedburner  (Google’s free service), paste the URL + / feed into the space under the writing:  Burn a feed right this instant . Flag your choice:  I am a podcaster  and click Next. It’s done! If you want you can also name it before clicking on Next, and, when you have finished, through that generated URL you can upload the podcast to Spotify, iTunes, or use it to import a podcast on Spreaker through the same feed.

In the next article we could evaluate together the pros and cons between Spotify and iTunes, let me know if you care!

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