You might have the best product in the world, but if you can’t get people excited about it , no sales will ever take place .

Same offer for your content :

Content isn’t valuable unless it reaches a lot of people .

Therefore, it is imperative for you to grow your follower count (Snapchat) if you want to monetize your account. Here are the best tips I’ve found:

  1. Tell your friends and contacts to add you on Snapchat
    • They are the easiest way to get feedback on your product and marketing, and will likely have something relevant to contribute to your Snapchat channel right from the start. If they like what they see, rest assured they will tell their friends. 
  2. Add your snapchat username to this subRed dit: (r / snapchat)
    • While you will get plenty of random followers, it will help with the initial momentum.
    • Make sure you interact with people who add you or will otherwise delete you.
  3. Promote your account on other social media platforms
    • The truth is, very few people will discover you on snapchat. They will likely hear from you first via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, so be sure to periodically remind them to follow you on Snapcha t. You already have friends and followers on those other platforms, so try to convert them. Make it as easy as possible and have a compelling reason for them to follow you on Snapchat (like discount codes, exclusive content, backstage footage, etc).
  4. Discover the Ghost Codes . Give compliments to get compliments. 
  5. Do a story capture on large accounts (like @shopify, if you’re an e-com merchandise entrepreneur, or @TFMOfficial, if you’re a female model)
  6. Leave your snap code everywhere.
    • Post your username in discussion forums relevant to your niche.
    • After each blog post, have an about section in which to include the snap code.
    • Put it in your email signatures and business cards.
    • If you’re building a brand’s Snapchat account, add it to flyers, print media, your website, etc.
    • Ask your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter follower (many times) to follow you on Snapchat as well.
  7. Be consistent. I post rap every day so that people who tune in know what to expect. Consistency and showing every day beats anything else when it comes to social media. Ask any influencer if you don’t believe me.

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