One of the most effective ways to launch an online business is to create a narrative around your company. Although not all companies that launch their presence on the internet focus on storytelling to create attention and interest ,  telling a story is the best way to show originality to potential customers and fascinate them . The online universe is increasingly crowded and therefore simply being there is no longer enough to stand out. It is necessary to manifest a strong identity, in order to lead customers to choose your company in preference to others less characterized.

The launch of your company should be understood as the first chapter of the long story you will tell . Convey in this introduction the motivations, the dreams that prompted you to start this new business. If necessary, get help from your employees in enriching the narrative.

Above all, give space to emotions: let your audience understand that you put great passion into your work, that you have important objectives regarding the satisfaction of your customers, that you take care of every aspect of production or in general of your business with ardor. People will feel engaged and the chances of them choosing you for their purchases will increase. This type of communication is very effective when creating an e-commerce that starts from a physical store. In this case, the history of the store will give prestige and reliability to the e-commerce site.

Create a network of relationships

No man is an island, says a well-known adage. The same is true for a company: if you can immediately create a network of strong relationships with a number of target people, they can be your first customers.and above all they will start word of mouth for your benefit. Social media are very useful in this: create a page or a company profile in the main social networks and use them as a basis to publish relevant content with those of the site and products. If you can, also create groups on Facebook on topics similar to those of your products and subscribe as many people as possible. Start a close dialogue immediately with people you think are potentially interested in your products. Reply to all users who interact with your posts, creating a personal dialogue.

If you have a physical store, warn your customers that you are going to put an e-commerce site online . Find a way to get their emails or at least a like on your shop page. In this, also involve your employees and encourage them to talk about your company and products to their circles of friends online.. The more people you can reach, the larger the fan base will be who can initially help you get the business started. To this fan base, even before the e-commerce goes online, messages informing you of the imminent launch of the site. For this purpose, you can send one or more emails, publish messages on the page or social account and create advertisements aimed at those who have liked your page.

Omar Choudhury
Author: Omar Choudhury

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