What are my brand name, logo and tone of voice? We are on the home straight. We just have to think about a name and then the logo of your brand, as well as its legal registration.

But how to create a brand name?

Certainly it is not a simple thing: you have to find a name that is evocative with respect to what has been identified so far, possibly that is also SEO-friendly , but also smart . Well … not easy!

But fortunately we have a tool that comes to our aid. 

With a name generator  you can enter the category of your product, for example “furniture”, and you will be offered a series of possible names.

At this point you just have to choose the one that best suits your company, or customize and modify it based on the inspiration that will surely come to you with this tool. Obviously, the choice must always be guided by the keywords that outline your brand identity.

Wait, it’s not over. To create an online store you need a website, of course. And therefore your name must also correspond to a free domain! Fortunately, everything will be very simple here too. Just do a search for domain verification on Shopify , by entering the name you have chosen. If the domain is available you are good to go, just continue and you will have created your brand name and even your site in a few minutes!

Now let’s focus on the logo. Remember that it must reflect your company in font, lines and colors and to do so, once again, you need the keywords we have chosen as guidelines. Fortunately, this time too we have a little help, offered for free by Shopify, called Hatchful.

It is a logo maker that, by entering the category, the style you want to adopt and the company name, allows you to create a logo in a few seconds. In selecting the style I chose “reliable” considering it more responsive to the concepts of quality, customer care and made in Italy.

This is obviously the raw logo and you can indulge yourself by changing the colors and font.  Regarding the payoff, remember that it must summarize the essence of your company and must be simple to understand and remember.

Fortunately, even in this case we have a little support thanks to the slogan generators . This tool here is only in English but it can still be useful for you to find inspiration, and even if it is not suitable for a brand that wants to focus on Made in Italy like the one in our example, consider that even a payoff in English can be fine.

Finally, you will have to devote some consideration to the tone of voice of your brand, or what we could define its communication style. You will then have to answer the following questions:

  • How does it “speak”? Is it friendly or formal? Is it ironic or serious?
  • Where does she live”? What tools do you use to interact with the public? On which social networks is it present? What other channels does it oversee?
Ismet Shehu
Author: Ismet Shehu

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