No man is an island, says a well-known adage. The same is true for a company: if you can immediately create a network of strong relationships with a number of target people, they can be your first customers, and above all they will start word of mouth for your benefit. Social media are very useful in this: create a page or a company profile in the main social networks and use them as a basis to publish relevant content with those of the site and products. If you can, also create groups on Facebook on topics similar to those of your products and subscribe as many people as possible. Start a close dialogue immediately with people you think are potentially interested in your products. Reply to all users who interact with your posts, creating a personal dialogue.

If you have a physical store, warn your customers that you are going to put an e-commerce site online . Find a way to get their emails or at least a like on your shop page. In this, also involve your employees and encourage them to talk about your company and products to their circles of friends online.. The more people you can reach, the larger the fan base will be who can initially help you get the business started. To this fan base, even before the e-commerce goes online, messages informing you of the imminent launch of the site. For this purpose, you can send one or more emails, publish messages on the page or social account and create advertisements aimed at those who have liked your page.

Create a specific digital marketing plan

This is one of the most important points if you want to increase e-commerce sales . As we said, a good site is not enough to be successful in e-commerce. The sales volume derives from the goodness of the marketing strategy that can be implemented . Marketing actions are the ones that will bring customer traffic to the e-commerce site and create sales.

It should be borne in mind that on average no more than 2% of users who visit an e-commerce site make a purchase. Everyone else leaves without buying anything. For this reason , the success of an e-commerce is directly linked to the amount of visitors that can be conveyed to the site. The final purpose of a truly effective digital marketing strategy is precisely to maximize the flow of visitors to the site, obtaining the greatest number of sales with the least investment in advertising and communication .

A good strategy must include both short-term actions , such as those that usually take place in social networks and through advertising campaigns, and broader actions , such as those based on the production of permanent content that can be found through Google or other searches. media platforms such as YouTube.

Deciding to create and launch an e-commerce without planning and implementing a digital marketing strategy means bringing the company to disaster . On the contrary, it is an integral part of an e-commerce project to hire experienced digital marketing professionals or to entrust a truly competent online marketing agency.

Be careful not to confuse digital marketing agencies with web agencies : the former are skilled in creating the website, but very rarely also have a valid knowledge of all online marketing strategies and techniques. To make money, some also sell marketing services together with the creation of the site, but the results are almost always disappointing, with the effect of nullifying the expected economic results from e-commerce.

Equal attention must be paid when deciding instead to hire a person to deal with the marketing of the site internally. To spend as little as possible , a novice professional or without proven experience is often hired , but even in this case the result will be the failure of the marketing actions and therefore of the entire e-commerce.

This principle must be kept in mind: investments in digital marketing are the foundation for the success of the entire e-commerce project . Spending little and badly in this field means decreeing the failure of the business.

Angelo Raguso
Author: Angelo Raguso

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