That’s why a follower generator for TikTok won’t turn you on this social

The web is full of applications and software aimed at generating new followers for each social network. There are for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. The recent success of TikTok has given rise to the desire in many people to obtain an increase in followers on this social network. Obviously, the automation of some actions is necessary to carry out a social media marketing strategy at its best, and it is no coincidence that professionals use social media manager tools to create and schedule customer posts. However, when it comes to increasing followers, fully relying on apps is not a wise choice.

In this article you will find out which are some of the most used applications to increase followers and why you can’t rely too much on them if you want your profile to have active followers.

App to increase followers on TikTok: which are the most popular

Let’s take a look at the most downloaded applications and the most used programs to generate new followers automatically. One of these is certainly TikFans , a site that allows you to get new likes and new followers for free. How? Exchanging them with other TikTokers. By entering this portal, in fact, without necessarily having to download the application, you can start trading your likes and gaining new followers. Obviously, this is a process that increases in effectiveness in relation to how much you activate and takes a certain amount of time.

Another very popular site for free follower generation is BuySocial , which allows you to get 20 new followers every month for free. In addition, this site also offers several paid packages to increase followers on TikTok. A widely used application is TikPlus . Just like TikFans, this app is based on the exchange of likes and followers. By downloading it, in fact, you can like other profiles and you will get virtual coins thanks to which you can buy followers.

There are several apps like these (or similar to these) but I mentioned three that only generate real contacts and not bots or fake profiles. However, while these programs can help out during the early days, don’t fool yourself that you can delegate the success of your TikTok profile to them. Now I’ll explain why.

The limits of the apps to increase views, likes and followers

It is undeniable that having more followers means being more likely to achieve better interactions and performance with content. This is because TikTok’s algorithm gives a lot of credit to the results that videos get during the first few hours. Basically: more followers = more likes and comments to TikToks . As a result, there is an increased chance that the published videos will end up in the ‘For You’ section of many users who do not yet follow you.

However, followers ‘won over’ in this way are in most cases not pure or healthy contacts (call them whatever you like). Because? Well, it’s simple: they are almost never targeted and the fact that they have put you a like is due to a simple exchange of favors and not necessarily to a real interest in you and your content. In short, followers make sense if they are active, not just numbers. 

Another huge limitation of apps to increase followers is that the amount of contacts generated for free is negligible compared to the time you should spend fiddling with them. Therefore, due to these aspects, the game is not worth the candle.

Serghey Magala
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