Earlier this week I posted a selection of my favorites from a long list of shortlisted images from the newly-announced Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 from the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London.

I short-changed you. Although I tried my best to select the most intriguing and impressive images from each of the nine categories, there were just so many beautiful images that show-off my favorite night sky sights of all—the Milky Way and the aurora—that it deserves a second visit.

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Besides, although “astrophotography” is growing as a hobby as cameras improve, that is a very wide category and includes many technical deep-sky close-ups using telescopes. For me, it’s all about “nightscapes” and astro-landscape photography; photos that showcase the night sky.

Since it’s now Milky Way-spotting season across the world (look to the south after midnight from a dark sky destination and you’ll see our galaxy arcing across the sky), here are all of the shortlisted images from the eye-catching Skyscapes category … along with a sprinkling of other Milky Way and aurorae images from other categories.

Enjoy the celestial show!


‘Galactic Portal’

‘Beyond the Fog’

‘Cold Night on the Yellowstone’

‘The Cave of the Wild Horses’

‘The Red Lake of Stars’

‘Something Old, Something New’

People and Space

‘Stargazing Giant’


‘Beautiful Persian Gulf Nights’

‘Milky Way and Meteor at Porthgwarra’


‘Geysir Aurora’

‘Stokksnes Aurora’

‘Northern Dragon’s Eye’

‘Hamnøy Lights’

The Sir Patrick Moore Prize for Best Newcomer

‘Kynance Cove under the Milky Way’

Wishing you clear skies and wide eyes.


Francesco Giuliani
Author: Francesco Giuliani

Italian Entrepreneur & King of Influencers.

Italian Entrepreneur & King of Influencers.

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